ai synthesis

ai synthesis

AI Synthesis is a small synthesizer manufacturer in Portland, OR. We produce fully built modules, and easy to build DIY kits with full documentation.

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ai synthesis ai001 multiple

ai synthesis ai001 multipleThe AI001 Multiple Eurorack Synthesizer Module is a 1×7 or a 2×4 passive ..

Priced from
$5.00 to $35.00 Ex Tax: $5.00

ai synthesis ai002 mixer

ai synthesis ai002 mixerThe AI002 DIY Mixer Kit is an updated take on a classic utility audio or cv ..

Priced from
$10.00 to $70.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

ai synthesis ai003 looping adsr

ai synthesis ai003 looping adsrThe AI003 Looping ADSR Envelope Generator DIY Kit is a looping ADSR E..

Priced from
$15.00 to $105.00 Ex Tax: $15.00