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ar filter bank, gic, euro kit, 28 hp

from david ingebretsen at analogue realities, this is the full kit for the 914 fixed filter bank ..

$285.00 Ex Tax: $285.00

barton wave animator, kit, grayscale euro 4hp

full kit to build the barton wave animator- 3 lfos add some spice to your waveforms the kit i..

$53.00 Ex Tax: $53.00

barton waveform animator, grayscale panel, euro

this is the 'grayscale' euro panel used for the michael barton waveform animator  ..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

cgs west coast mini synth, panel, euro 32 hp

this is the clarke68 euro panel used to build the cgs west coast mini-synth module it is 32 h..

$40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

cgs west coast mini, pcbs+panel bundle, 32hp

this bundle includes the clarke68 euro panel and the cgs48(x2) cgs64(x2) cgs67 cgs114 and cgs04 p..

$155.00 Ex Tax: $155.00

fonitronik sequential switch

another great panel design from grayscale the fonitronik sequential switch for euro SDIY eur..

Starting at : $15.00 Ex Tax: $26.00

grayscale algorhythm, kit, euro 12hp

new from grayscale- the algorhythm DIY kit for euro.  Algorhythm is an 8-step trigger se..

$195.00 Ex Tax: $195.00

grayscale binary, kit, euro 6 hp

new from grayscale- the binary euro module kit Binary is a 1-bit analog computer that takes u..

$85.00 Ex Tax: $85.00

Make Noise Function Repanel

repanel your make noise function with this awesome grayscale design ..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Make Noise MMG Repanel

repanel your make noise mmg with this grayscale design! ..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

ryo optodist, grayscale panel

upgrade your ryo optodist using this great new panel design from grayscale! drop-in replaceme..

$28.00 Ex Tax: $28.00

ryo vc sequencer, grayscale panel

upgrade your ryo vc sequencer with this great new panel design from grayscale! re-panel your ..

$32.00 Ex Tax: $32.00

toppobrillo twf, grayscale panel+ 2 pcbs, euro

bundle includes the toppobrillo triple wave folder PCB, the euro grayscale panel, and the panel p..

$62.00 Ex Tax: $62.00

turing bytes expander, pcb+grayscale panel

  bundle that includes the turing machine 'bytes' expander pcb and the grayscale..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

turing machine bytes expander, panel, euro 4 hp

grayscale panel for the music thing turing machine bytes expander module 4 hp..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

turing machine pulses, grayscale panel, euro 4hp

the original turing machine pulses expander panel, by grayscale, 4hp ..

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

turing machine voltages, grayscale panel, 12hp

the original turing machine voltages expander panel, by grayscale, 12hp ..

$35.00 Ex Tax: $35.00

turing machine+expanders/grayscale panels+pcbs, bundle, euro

  this is a bundle containing the following: - (3) grayscale turing machine+expander..

$122.00 Ex Tax: $122.00

turing machine, panel, grayscale euro, 10hp

the original turing machine euro panel by grayscale, 10hp..

$30.00 Ex Tax: $30.00

turing machine, pcb+grayscale hybrid panel

  this is a bundle containing the following: - grayscale turing machine 'hybrid' pan..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $125.00