January 2023 NLC DIY Kit Restock

Posted by admin 04/01/2023 0 Comment(s)

We've just restocked some of our favorite DIY kits from Nonlinear Circuits. Eurorack DIY kits from NLC are fairly accessible for beginner and intermediate synth builders, and are WAY more musical than many modules at a comparable pricepoint! Here are the kits we've just restocked for you:

* NLC1010 baDum TISSS is a snare & hi-hat module. The core sound of the circuit comes from the ring mod.

* NLC1031 Env Follower is a 4HP module which was developed for use in the cellF synth, and is based on the design in the Buchla Easel.

* NLC1055 Squid Axon is a circuit based on the Hodgkin-Huxley equation describing the chaotic behavior observed in giant squid axons. It's basically a 4-stage analog shift register with two feedback paths, one nonlinear and one linear.

* NLC1071 Let's Splosh is 8 different rectifiers processing 4 input signals, and it's happy to work with audio, CV, or both simultaneously.

* NLC1105 Helvetica Scenario is a dual sample & hold with voltage controlled slew for each channel. It's similar to the Buchla 265 Source of Uncertainty except is uses chaos as a source rather than white noise.