addac 105 4 voice cluster oscillator

addac 105 4 voice cluster oscillator


Following our ADDAC103 T-Networks this new module is inspired by its simplicity. This is a 4 voice Square Oscillator with VCA, FM switch and a slew decay for the incoming Trigger IN. All voices are then sent through a Multimode Filter.

Each voice has its own VCA input where any input is accepted (Trigger, Gate, CV) The [DECAY] controls the slew decay applied to the incoming signal, if [DECAY] is fully anti-clockwise then it works as a Mute. The [FM ON] switches activate/deactivate the FM input coming from the previous voice: Voice 1 FM comes from voice 4, voice 2 FM comes from voice 1, and so on, so you can FM all of them in a FM loop.

All 4 voices are summed and sent through a filter with controls over [CUTOFF] with an Attenuverter for the CV input and [RESONANCE]. Three filter outputs are provided [LOWPASS], [BANDPASS] and [HIGHPASS]

The [EXTERNAL IN] input can be routed through a jumper on the back of the module allowing the incoming signal to go to:
1. the filter input for processing an external audio source.
2. all of the 4 voices Frequency control allowing for some experimental CV control over pitch of all 4 voices at the same time (due to the specificities of the circuit and to keep the module at a low price these inputs are not callibrated to 1v/octave).

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