am4023 lp filter, motm, assembled, 2U

am4023 lp filter, motm, assembled, 2U (ASMAM4023MOTM2U) by

am4023 lp filter, motm, assembled, 2U

this is a fully assembled and tested analog aetropolis AM4023 12dB low pass filter module, for MOTM synth systems. It is 2U wide. 

the panel is professionally made in the US, aluminum and powder-coated with a textured finish, then silkscreened. 

the AM4023 is a clone of the ARP 4023 2-pole 12dB low pass filter in the ARP Odyssey. this filter has a smooth behavior and unlike many 4-pole filters, does not attenuate the low end with increased resonance settings. Also, with a shallower cutoff slope, it could be argued that the Odyssey had a brighter sound overall. the filter is good for bass and bright lead sounds, and with modern components it is not noisy. It will self-oscillate at high Q settings and it can shred speakers – so beware! With so many 4-pole filters around, it’s nice to have a 2-pole version for some contrast.

the module is 100mm deep (3-15/16") 

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