barton bmc029 single multiplier divider

barton bmc029 single multiplier divider


This module is used to multiply or divide the frequency of a clock or VCO signal. It's maximum multiplication is 4x and it's maximum division /16. The multiplication or division level is set by a single knob, and can be modulated by external control voltage. CONTROLS 1.Manual Division Knob – This selects the amount of multiplication or division. Turning the knob clockwise increases the amount of division. 2.Aux Division Knob – This attenuates the external CV used to modulate the division knob's setting. INPUTS 1.Main Input – This is the input for the frequency to be divided/multiplied. 2.Reset Input – This is used to synchronize the divided frequency with another module. This should be a 0 to 5V trigger or gate signal. 3. CV Input – This is control voltage used to adjust the division. The more positive the voltage, the more division. OUTPUT 1.Main Output – This is a 0 to +5V square wave output of the divided/multiplied signal.

assembled modules come with a one year warranty

full kits include everything  you need to build the module, including all parts individually bagged and labelled

euro panel by clarke robinson, 6hp

audio demo 1: barton single multiplier divider demo 1

audio demo 2: barton single multiplier/divider demo 2

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Build Difficultyeasy-moderate
Parts Count48

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