Barton BMC052 Chordizer

Barton BMC052 Chordizer


Barton BMC052 Chordizer


The goal of the Chordizer was to use a single voltage input and output a quantized chord of voltages when used with 1v/octave VCOs. A voltage is inputted through the IN jack and can be modulated by the AUX jack and it's associated attenuator. The voltage range for the input is 0 to 5V. Offsets to the input voltage are then applied, these offsets are controlled by three pots and can be negative or positive offsets. When the offset voltage is outside of the voltage range of the module, it will be transposed down or up an octave automatically to put it back into the voltage range. The input voltage and the offset voltages are then quantized. The QUANT knob selects what musical scale is used to quantize. Before the voltage is finally output, a slew or portamento is applied, controlled by the SLEW knob.


The synthCube full kit includes the clarke68 aluminum panel, pcb+PIC set, all pcb, panel and related parts, power cable, mounting screws etc. 


IMPORTANT: This panel does not utilize the Track Input jack, so you should connect +5V to the "TR" wirepad. Otherwise you can drill the panel in the location of your choice and install the jack.




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These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


Module Parameters
Panel Size14HP

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