black corporation DDRM Expander V1, full parts kit

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black corporation DDRM Expander V1, full parts kit


DDRM expander V1, full parts kit

the black corporation ddrm expander pcb set and more information is available here on the black corp website. 

This is a full parts kit for the project, but does not include the pcb set/panel/case that have to be purchased individually. 


"Deckard’s Dream Expander is a great compliment to its namesake synth as it adds Chorus, Tremolo, and Ring Modulator effects as well as 16 CV inputs. It is designed to work seamlessly with Deckard’s Dream, but it also works as a standalone audio effects device and a CV to MIDI converter.

The DIY Kit contains 5 PCBs with all of the SMT digital parts pre-installed. All of the remaining parts are thruhole, except for the power filtering ceramic capacitors, which are large (0805 size), have the same value (0.1uF), and are located on the opposite side of the thruhole parts on the PCB."

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