delptronics module construction set

delptronics module construction set

delptronics module construction set

a major advance in flexibility for DIY module design using the eurorack format!

Mickey Delp and his crew have developed a system to improve and speed up your DIY design and construction projects. With the Construction Set, a module consists of two circuit boards connected together by male and female headers. No more flying wires to connect panel parts to your protoboard, and no L-brackets needed.

The Module Construction Set is not a kit. It is for DIY module builders who can read a schematic and build a circuit on a breadboard or protoboard. The circuit boards used by the Module Construction Set are laid out the same as a breadboard.

They have an amazing Panel Maker web app for making panels out of PCBs - with no circuit board design experience needed- design a professional panel for your module design!

MCS kits come in three sizes-- 4, 8 and 10hp-- and each contains a control board, a componnet board and ther required connection headers. 

more details and documentation here: mcs link

synthCube offers pre-packaged 'parts development kits' in three sizes-- simplify your ordering - priced less than buying the parts individually

synthcube parts development kits'small' development kit'medium' development kit'large' development kit
jack- pj301m-12 thonkiconn w/hex nut468
pot- alpha 9mm 100K linear248
switch- taiway submini pc pin SPDT ON-ON224
button- 6mm tactile switch224
trimmer pot- song heui 100K linear, black shaft white line248

Switches: Standard sub-mini toggle switches, with 2.54mm / 0.1" pin spacing
Buttons: Standard 6x6mm tactile switches, 14 mm or higher
Pots: Alpha style potentiometers, must be raised style (10mm high)
Jacks: WQP-PJ301M12 / Thonkiconn or clones

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mcs kit, 4hp
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mcs kit, 10hp
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mcs kit bundle, 1 each 4, 8 and 10hp
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mcs kit bundle, 3 each of 8hp kits
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mcs kit bundle, 3 each of 10hp kits
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synthCube 'small' parts kit
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synthCube 'medium' parts kit
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synthCube 'large' parts kit
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