DIY Grids (Black Magpie)


DIY Grids (Black Magpie)


diy grids, black magpie version

diy grids

courtesy of the circuit designer, certain synth module designs are now available via creative commons licensing

we are delighted to be able to offer these for the diy community

pcbs are blue, gold immersion finish


panels are designed and produced by magpie modular

full kit run includes everything you need, and it is supplied with skirted black/white pointer rogan knobs

the ATMega is pre-flashed for you with the latest firmware at the time of kitting


Algorithmic 3-channel drum pattern generator with progressive, CV-controlled morphing through patterns (Map X and Map Y controls), and CV-controlled control over the density/sparsity of the pattern (Fill controls).


Bonus features: internal clock with tap-tempo, input clock divider, "vanilla euclidean sequencer" mode, bonus outputs (clock, reset, random pulses), DIY MIDI interface offering clock sync.

Module Parameters

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