1601 sequencer v5 DIY


1601 sequencer v5 DIY

1601 sequencer DIY v5

We are pleased to announce the release of 1601 DIY v5. In collaboration with Logan Solomon, we are making it available again 

this is the v5 pcb/panel set produced in December 2017 and referred to in the JM Logan Synths FB page: JM Logan Synths

originally designed and produced by synth DIYers John (aka kipling) and jhulk, and described further in the muffwiggler forum thread: 

1601 sequencer build thread

You can order the configuration of the 1601 project that you want:

  1. Assembled and Tested: includes one-year warranty (US$1799)
  2. Full Parts Kit : all the pcb parts and panel parts you need to build a 1601 , but does not include pcb, panel or enclosure, which need to be ordered separately: (US$449)
  3. PCB Set + Panel : source your own parts and make your own enclosure  (US$249)
  4. Enclosure with no Cheeks: Metal 'boat' chassis finished in black powdercoat (US$129)- compatible with prior versions of the 1601 pcb/panel sets; no sides (cheeks) included
  5. Enclosure with Wood Cheeks: Metal 'boat' chassis finished in black powdercoat plus finished wood cheeks (US$199)- compatible with prior versions of the 1601 pcb/panel sets. Wood cheeks are made from walnut, cherry , and poplar- specify your 

We will also be making the entire BOM available via an ala-carte parts order form--- order only those specific parts you need to complete your build. 

Shipping: these items are exempt from free and special shipping offers. Shipping charges will be calculated when the order is placed, and will be based on the destination, choice of delivery service and package size and weight. If actual shipping charges are greater than what is paid via checkout, we will invoice for the difference, which has to be paid prior to shipping. If the actual shipping amount is less than what you pay at checkout, we will refund the difference. 

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Available Options

pcb set + panel
In stock / $249.00
Available : 12
assembled and tested
Out of Stock - $1,799.00
full parts kit
In stock / $449.00
Available : 23
enclosure, no wood cheeks
In stock / $129.00
Available : 37
enclosure + wood cheeks
In stock / $199.00
Available : 23
1601 dust cover set
In stock / $79.00
Available : 9

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