electric druid VCADSR IC, bag of 2

Out Of Stock electric druid VCADSR IC, bag of 2 (ICNEDVCADNONE02) by synthcube.com

electric druid VCADSR IC, bag of 2

this is a bag containing (2) two of the electric druid VCADSR digital IC

With compliments to Tom Wiltshire, from his website www.electricdruid.net:

This page describes a cheap clone of the CEM 3312 and SSM 2056 voltage-controlled envelope generator chips. Both of these chips include voltage control of A, D, S and R, but both include other inputs too.

The CEM 3312 chip has a input which controls the final envelope output level. This is very handy as a voltage-controlled "envelope depth" when feeding the envelope to a filter, for instance.

The SSM 2056 chip includes a TIME input which shortens the overall time of the A, D and R stages of the envelope. Although this was partly intended as a trim for polyphonic systems, the datasheet for this device suggests that this could be fed the keyboard control voltage in a synthesizer to mimic the way natural percussion instruments typically become less resonant as the pitch gets higher.

I managed to include both of these inputs on my VCADSR. At 0V the TIME CV has no effect, and at 5V the envelope is quickened considerably.

Full details are in the datasheet below, but the envelope times range from 1mS through to 10Secs, in 4 even decades, and all control voltages run from 0-5V.

Finally, there is a digital input which selects either a 'traditional' exponential envelope shape, or a early-digital-era linear envelope. After this, I had to stop because I ran out of IO pins on the PIC!



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