addac 705 stinggy filter, kit

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addac 705 stinggy filter, kit


Addac 705 stinggy filter

Here's our new filter inspired by the original WASP Filter.

This module features:
 .Four diferent filter types: Low-Pass, Band-Pass, Notch-Pass and High-Pass with independent audio outputs.
 .Cutoff features a voltage-controlled cv input with a dedicated cv attenuator pot.
 .Two switches selects different Resonance clipping paths: no clipping / diodes and Resonance depth: high / low.
 .The Main output filter type can be selected through a 4 position switch.
 .The Main output circuit features a Distortion/Fuzz circuit that adds extra harmonics to the filtered audio.
 .Phase switch selects the Main output phase polarity.
 .One Led monitors the audio signal of the main output.



. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 8 HP
. Depth: 3 cm

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