ai synthesis diy euro kits

ai synthesis diy euro kits

We're pleased to offer the full range of abe ingles' ai synthesis diy kits- ideal for those starting in modular synthesis and diy... 

You can order directly from this kit list, or follow the links to the detailed product pages. 

For more detail on each kit, or to order pcb/panel sets or assembled modules, please follow the link to the detailed product page. 

ai001 multiples

ai002 mixer

ai003 looping adsr generator

ai004 ota vc filter

ai006 stomp box adapter

ai008 matrix mixer

ai010 attenuverting mixer

ai011 analog vco

ai016 tape echo interface

The AI homepage is here: ai synthesis

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  • from $25.00 TO $109.00
  • Ex Tax: $25.00

Available Options

ai synthesis power supply kit
Out of Stock - $45.00
ai synthesis power distro kit
Out of Stock - $45.00
ai010 attenuverting mixer
Out of Stock - $35.00
ai001 multiples kit
Out of Stock - $25.00
ai002 mixer kit
Out of Stock - $40.00
ai003 looping adsr generator kit
In stock / $75.00
Available : 5
ai004 ota vc filter kit
In stock / $85.00
Available : 4
ai006 stomp box adapter kit
Out of Stock - $45.00
ai008 matrix mixer
Out of Stock - $75.00
ai011 analog vco
Out of Stock - $109.00
ai016 tape interface
Out of Stock - $65.00

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