Frequency Central Whiteface VCF dotcom/MU


Frequency Central Whiteface VCF dotcom/MU


Frequency Central Whiteface VCF dotcom/MU 

Based on the legendary ARP 4023 VCF often found within “whiteface” ARP Odyssey Mk1. We’ve engineered out the rare parts and the need for matched transistors for the CV input section by using a Roland style circuit there instead, no change to the vibe though! The audio path remains pure ARP, with one exception. Built stock from the schematic, the resonance would clip like a motherfucker above 3 o’clock, in a way which is neither musical or desirable.We’ve come across a couple of other versions which have this ‘don’t turn it up past 8’ trait. We’ve engineered that out – a single resistor values change. Now resonance is usable and musical over the entire range. As a bonus feature, there’s a switch for super exciting highpass mode!

Available as a synthCube full kit or factory assembled by Frequency Central 

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