Frequency Central Ultrawave VC LFO


Frequency Central Ultrawave VC LFO


10HP Eurorack DIY Kit

this is a FULL KIT and includes everything you need to build the module. 

As of 2019 these kits include the black panel

Ultra Wave is a fully expanded version of the Wave Runner LFO. It’s a multi-waveform sync-able LFO based on the Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code, but with some significant additions and improvements. The WAVERUNNER 1 PIC and code is exclusive to Frequency Central and was developed specifically for the Wave Runner/Ultra Wave, and is not compatible with similar modules.

Ultra Wave has both manual and CV control of frequency, clock multiple, waveform and wave distortion. Additionally there’s sync input and output level CV input. Two outputs, LFO and clock.

documentation here: ultrawave

Ultra Wave comes as a two PCB set, together with a PIC and front panel. PCBs are parallel with the panel, so it’s skiff friendly too!

Important: The full kit is offered ‘on-demand.’ When we receive your order for the kit, we will prepare and QC your full kit before shipping. Depending upon demand and availability-  the kit could ship as early as a day or two, or in some cases could take up to two weeks to ship.



Module Parameters
Panel Size10HP

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