Light Plates, Pre-drilled Various Sizes

Pre-drilled light-plates for various versions of popular sizes. Includes your choice of metric or U.S. standard screws. Please see list below for specifics. 

Small Bear "A" Size: Will only fit the "A" size enclosures currently carried by Small Bear Electronics, SKU: 0302H

A Size Fits: New Sensor 1090NS, Hammond 1590A and SB Tall "A" size

G Size Fits: Small Bear 1590G and Hammond 1590G

B Size Fits: Small Bear "B", New Sensor 1290NS and Hammond 1590B

125-B Fits: Small Bear 125-B

BB Size Fits: Small Bear BB, 125-BB, New Sensor 1610NS , Hammond 1590BB, and Taiwanese 'C'

DD Size Fits: Small Bear "DD" and Hammond 1590DD

1790 Fits: Small Bear 1790, New Sensor 1790NS, and Hammond 1590XX Series



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Out of Stock - $15.95
In stock / $15.95
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A size
In stock / $4.95
Available : 56
B Size
Out of Stock - $6.50
BB size
Out of Stock - $8.95
G Size
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Small Bear "A" size
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