stroh modular 258j dual oscillators, dotcom/MU

j3rk dual 258j oscillators, kit, dotcom/MU (KITDS258JDCOM2U) by

stroh modular 258j dual oscillators, dotcom/MU

stroh modular dual 258j oscillators, dotcom/MU

the full kit to build the j3rk (stroh modular) 258J dual oscillators - includes everything you need. 

the assembled version is tested and calibrated, with a one year warranty

dotcom/MU format with a new panel design by caleb condit, 2U wide

kit includes metalphoto panel with 90 degree bent tabs per dotcom standard, two PCBs, two PCB parts kits, and all panel parts including jacks, pots, switched etc. 

bring your own solder, time, wire, and patience


courtesy of brian dunn- updated and improved build guide including some suggestions for possible modifications etc

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