Kassutronics KS-20 VCF Wood Panel Version


Kassutronics KS-20 VCF Wood Panel Version


kassutronics ks-20 filter

Wood Panel Version

Picture reflects prototype panel not yet available 

My interest in the MS-20 style filter was sparked by videos from Look Mum No Computer, who built a DIY low pass version. This filter makes great basslines, with both strong bottom end which is not reduced at high resonance, and gnarly sound due to a nonlinear resonance path. Clearly I needed such a filter in my system, and the result of that is this module which I tackily named the KS-20.
The Korg MS-20 synthesizer had two filters in series, one high-pass and one low-pass. Internally, these filters are nearly identical, differing only in where the signal is fed to the filter. My KS-20 module contains one such filter core (of the later, OTA-based variant), and a front panel knob to smoothly transition between the two modes of the original MS-20 filters. It blends from a two-pole low pass, via a resonant allpass, to a one-pole resonant high-pass. Using two KS-20 modules in series the original MS-20 configuration can be created.

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