L-1 Stereo Microcompressor (DIY)

l-1 stereo microcompressor, kit, euro, 16hp (KITL1SMCMPEURO16) by synthcube.com

L-1 Stereo Microcompressor (DIY)


L-1 stereo microcompressor, euro, 16hp

THAT4301 version

all SMT parts are pre-soldered for you

more information here: l-1 stereo microcompressor

This is compact but hi-quality compressor. I used THAT4301 dynamics processor.

THAT 4301 Dynamics Processor, dubbed "THAT Analog Engine®", combines in a single IC all the active circuitry needed to construct a wide range of dynamics processors. The 4301 includes a high-performance, exponentially-controlled Blackmer® VCA, a log-responding RMS-level sensor and three general-purpose opamps.

Design is based on THAT Corp. design notes - Fully Adjustable Compressor / Limiter. This is a feedforward VCA compressor.

NOTE: This is the version based on THAT4301 ICs, now obsolete; the ICs have been replaced with our DIP-20 THAT4305 adapter PCB assembly. 



  • Adjustable by potentiometers Treshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Makeup gain.
  • Reduction LED which lights when signal level exceeds treshold.
  • Treshold, Makeup, Attack and Release can be controlled by CV.
  • Hard/soft knee switch.
  • Two timing modes are available -- auto and manual. In auto mode attack and release rates are linked, and depend on the non-linear capacitor circuit. In manual mode, variable, independent adjustments of the attack and release dynamics are possible.
  • Peak or Automatic timing detector options.
  • Sidechain in to external sidechain processing.
  • Envelope out allows to patch any VCA as compressor.
  • Full reverse polarity protection.


Power consumption: V+ 43mA, V- 30mA.


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Build DifficultyEasy - Moderate
Parts Count97
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