L-1 Four-Channel VC Stereo Mixer

l-1 vc stereo mixer, euro, 22hp (ASML1STMXEURO22) by synthcube.com

L-1 Four-Channel VC Stereo Mixer


L-1 Four-Channel VC Stereo Mixer


the bundle includes the two pcb set with all SMT parts soldered, mlunting and power hardware, and the front panel. The bundle does NOT include the back panel seen os assembled modules. 

from l-1: 

"VC Stereo Mixer THAT 2180 based.


  • 4 stereo channels with voltage controlled level and panorama.
  • Voltage controlled sum out level.
  • Stereo level bar graph, 10 LEDs per channel.
  • Headphones out.
  • Mute buttons expander available http://l-1.su/Mute.html.
  • Audio signal flows only through VCA chips and summing amps (single opamp for left and for right), all controls through CV.


Power consumption: V+ 110mA, V- 93mA.

Module Parameters

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