Neutron Magpie Dodeca, 'Minty' Version

Neutron Magpie Dodeca, 'Minty' Version


magpie dodeca, 'minty' version

A DIY Open Hardware, Open Source Teensy based extensible platform, created by Kris Northern of Magpie Modular and Jim Matheson of Neutron Sound, which you can build and custom code to your own needs. Dubbed the ‘Dodeca’ from the greek word meaning 12 (referring to the 12 outputs)

From one stereo midi jack you can custom configure 12 outputs to suit your needs This includes Gates, & Trig outputs, 1v/OCT Midi Voice, and Midi Continuous Controller to Unipolar 0-10v CV signal. Additionally, you can daisy-chain the units and expand until you hit the bandwidth limit of the MIDI spec (which is a paltry 3,125 bytes per second).

We have already coded several default configurations which are available on our Github. At the time of writing we have configurations for a 6hp Default setup, A 12hp DBLDECA configuration specifcally for the Elektron Octatrack and a 12HP DBLMONO configuration for the Elektron Monomachine. 

If you really want one of these and don’t have the DIY chops to build your own I recommend you join our FACEBOOK GROUP and find a builder who is making these to order. There is a great community of savvy builders sharing information here from all over the globe.





Kris Northern's Demo Video can be found HERE

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