horstronic cable tester

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horstronic cable tester

check patch cables and power cables (10-pin as well as 16-pin). 

there's an LED for each line, so that's two for the patch cables and 16 for the power cables. If there's continuity between the right pins, the particular LED lights up. 
16 LEDs for the power cables means that you can check each line individually, in case there are single broken cables in the ribbon. Of course you wouldn't notice that if you plug it in, because the module would work anyway but if you have one broken cable on +12V for example, that would double the resistance. We don't want that, so that's why this is checking each line individually. 

the polarity of the LEDs is inverted on every second pin so you can see if there's a short between cables or if the ribbon is the wrong way around. This also shows you when you have the ribbon shifted one pin on a 16-pin to 10-pin cable, which also happend to me a few times. 

The whole circuit can be powered either by your eurorack PSU (there's a dedicated 10-pin connector for that on the back of the board, to make sure the cable doesn't get in the way of the cables you're testing) or any other voltage source between about 7.5V and 15V. 

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