l-1 dual vc adsr

l-1 vc adsr, full kit, euro, 22hp (KITL1ADSREURO22) by synthcube.com

l-1 dual vc adsr


l-1 dual vc adsr

full kit includes everything you need to build the module

all of the SMT parts are ALREADY SOLDERED fro you- through hole assembly only!

more documentation here: l-1 vc adsr

from l-1:

"L-1 VC ADSR. Analogue constant slope dual VC ADSR. The circuit is based on Envylope schematic by Aaron Cram. The circuit is completely analog, no timers, logic chips etc., only transistors and opamps.


  • Two identical ADSR generators.
  • Attack range 0.1ms - 10s.
  • Decay and Release ranges 0.5ms - 20s.
  • Constant slope action.
  • 4 state leds show each step of the ADSR.
  • Linear or exponential slopes with separate switches for attack and decay/release.
  • Voltage control on each stage and output amplitude.
  • Sustain gate output produces gates during sustain time.
  • Trigger input resets the envelope.



Power consumption: V+ 77mA, V- 77mA"

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