manhattan analog CVP, kit, euro, 4hp

manhattan analog CVP, kit, euro, 4hp (KITMACVPKEURO04) by

manhattan analog CVP, kit, euro, 4hp


full kit for euro SDIYers to build the manhattan analog cvp- control voltage processer

here's the decription from jason: 

"The simple but useful circuit was originally designed by Chris MacDonald, modified by Peter Grenader, then further modified by Matthias Herrmann (fonik) and released as a schematic and P&P layout in 2006. It has +/-5v of offset, a glide control, and an attenuverter. There are pads on the board for one bi-color LED. I based this heavily on Matthias' version of the circuit, with an additional buffered THROUGH connection and a modified output stage which will now drive a passive multiple. This is being produced with Matthias' blessing. 

its discussed further here:

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