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Control Voltage Processor

The perfect buddy for any filter, oscillator, quantizer or VCA... in fact, it's the perfect buddy for anything you want to modulate. You can dial in your modulation to be exactly how you want.

  • Level/Attenuverter: positive attenuator or inverted attenuator.
  • Offset: Add a stable DC offset (positive or negative) to make sure the modulation is in exactly the range you need it.
  • Glide: Slew your signal to smooth it out for filter response or portamento.

The CVP can accurately process 1v/oct CV sources. The through output (indicated by the arrow graphic) is a buffered copy of the main output, so you can patch your sequencer to the CVP's input and patch the two outputs to different oscillators for musical intervals. 


Discrete SVVCF 

After removing the original audio input section and grafting on the CP3 mixer circuit (more transistors!), the result is a very thick-sounding filter whose character varies depending on how hard you drive the inputs 

Discrete VCA (DTA) 

This is the last piece of the discrete monosynth backend the factory has developed some years ago, which has so far led them to the DTM and the Discrete SVVCF. They have  just gotten the prototype up and running, there are some fixes that need to be done to the PCB as there always are with an alpha build, but it's coming ASAP. 


Discrete Transistor Mixer

The DTM is a discrete transistor circuit core mixer with 3 inputs and 1 output, based on the vintage Moog CP3-series mixer. Although similar in layout and function to the Manhattan Analog MIX, the DTM is known for its interesting clipping distortion, whereas the MIX is known for being very clean.

Note that some DIY PCBs may be marked as "CP3" but there is no difference in the circuitry, I simply have stock left from before the module name was changed to "DTM" 



Three-channel audio mixer

MIX is designed primarily for clean, high-quality audio mixing. It is fully DC-coupled, though, and so retains the ability to be used as a CV mixer when necessary. Under the hood it's a basic unity-gain op amp mixer, with three unipolar inputs and an output which can be switched between uni- and bi-polar operation using a jumper on the PCB. The inputs use audio-tapered controls while the output is linear to facilitate both modes of operation.

A great deal of testing went into the selection of the components used to ensure the lowest possible noise, absolutely minimal cross-channel bleed, and as little added "color" as possible. 

Manual Voltage Processor

The MVP is a multi-function module combining several basic function blocks into one panel. There are three sections.

The top section has 3 bipolar attenuators (attenuverters) with LED indicators. With no cable plugged in to the inputs each one will output a +/-5V DC offset voltage.

The middle section is a mixer. There are 4 input channels which will all mix down to the "3-4" output unless a cable is inserted into the "1-2" output. In that event channels 1 and 2 will only appear at their own output — the two halves of the mixer section will therefore function independently. This section uses the same basic design and components as the Mix but with a somewhat more flexible layout.

The bottom section contains multiples — the left side is buffered and the right side is not. The small arrows on the panel indicate normalled connections behind the panel. The input jacks are indicated by the black surrounds. 

Steiner Synthasystem VCF

This is an officially licensed reissue of the original Synthasystem filter. I haven't altered the design one bit so it's as nasal, screamy, twitchy, and wonderful as the original.

To keep the packaging compact we've done most of the passives on the board in SMT, but for DIY builders the diodes, transistors, and important capacitors are all through-hole so you can experiment with and use whatever you like.

Many thanks to Nyle Steiner and David Ingebretsen for their permission and support of this project, and to Dakota Melin for his fantastic work on the PCBs. (For those of you who care about this sort of thing, all three of those guys make a little bit of money every time one of these sells.)  



Four-way quad multiple

The 4x4x4 gives you 4 individual groups of 4-way passive multiples in 4hp, hence the name. Each cluster of jacks is laid out in a square, as indicated on the panel.


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4X4X4 MULT - synthCube Kit
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4X4X4 MULT - factory assembled
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