Manhattan Analog Mix V2.0

manhattan analog mixer, full kit, euro, 4hp (KITMAMIXKEURO04) by

Manhattan Analog Mix V2.0


manhattan analog mix

PCB V2.0


"The mix is designed primarily for clean, high-quality audio mixing. it is fully dc-coupled so that it retains utility as a cv mixer when necessary. i also put the jacks at the bottom so that it retains tweakability even when fully-patched."

Kit includes all parts, power cable, panel, PCB.

Important: The full kit is offered ‘on-demand.’ When we receive your order for the kit, we will prepare and QC your full kit before shipping. Depending upon demand and availability-  the kit could ship as early as a day or two, or in some cases could take up to two weeks to ship.


Module Parameters
Panel Size4HP

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