MFOS Noise Toaster Kit + Make: Analog Synthesizers Book (Bundle)

MFOS NOISE TOASTER Kit + Make: Analog Synthesizers Book (Bundle) - synthCube

This bundle includes Ray Wilson’s “Make Analog Synthesizers” book and full Noise Toaster kit, with the exception of the enclosure. Save $18 off list price and bundle with our HOLIDAY15 SALE for an additional 15% off.


“Make: Analog Synthesizers”

Dive hands-on into the tools, techniques, and information for making your own analog synthesizer. If you’re a musician or a hobbyist with experience in building electronic projects from kits or schematics, this do-it-yourself guide will walk you through the parts and schematics you need, and how to tailor them for your needs. Author Ray Wilson shares his decades of experience in synth-DIY, including the popular Music From Outer Space (MFOS) website and analog synth community.

At the end of the book, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned by building an analog synthesizer, using the MFOS Noise Toaster kit. You’ll also learn what it takes to create synth-DIY electronic music studio. Get started in the fun and engaging hobby of synth-DIY without delay.

MFOS Noise Toaster – 

original design and panel by Ray Wilson

The best way I can describe the MFOS "NOISE TOASTER" is this... "The MFOS NOISE TOASTER squeezes more fun out of a nine volt battery than you ever thought possible". This is an excellent project for anyone interested in synth-diy or "noise" boxes. You'll come back to it again and again due to it's portability, simplicity of operation and incredibly wide range of sound possibilities. Along the way you'll also learn a new circuit trick or two for use in your own hobby builds. Get ready to have a TON of creative, imaginative sound making fun.

The MFOS NOISE TOASTER circuit consists of seven main components: a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a white noise generator, a voltage controlled low pass filter (VCF), a low frequency oscillator (LFO), a simple AR envelope generator (AREG), a simple voltage controlled amplifier (VCA), and a one watt amplifier that drives a small speaker. The unit is powered by one nine volt battery and due to the low current drain of the LM324 (Lo-Power Quad Op Amp) it gets a lot of miles out of a nine volt battery. The circuit draws about 15mA to 25mA dependent on volume level when using the internal amp. When using line out the unit draws slightly under 15mA.

project page: noise toaster

  • Easy to build
  • Wide Range VCO
  • White Noise Generator
  • Cool low Pass Filter
  • Simple But Effective VCA
  • AR Generator with Repeat or Manual Pushbutton
  • LFO with Square, Integrated Square and Differentiated Square waves
  • Nicely Normalized Switching Scheme
  • PCB Has Pads for Interface to Other DIY Projects
  • Built in One Watt Audio Amplifier and Speaker.
  • Uses one 9V Battery (portable)
  • Low Current Design Extends Battery Life
  • Makes a plethora of plethoras of cool and interesting sounds
  • WILL attract alien visitations - CAUTION ADVISED
  • WILL DEFINITELY cut into TV viewing time - CAUTION ADVISED
  • Stimulates plant growth and calms goldfish.
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