l-1 vc stereo mixer (4 channel)

l-1 vc stereo mixer, euro, 22hp (ASML1STMXEURO22) by synthcube.com

l-1 vc stereo mixer (4 channel)


vc stereo mixer from l-1


the bundle includes the two pcb set with all SMT parts soldered, and the 2-panel set

from l-1: 

"VC Stereo Mixer THAT 2180 based.


  • 4 stereo channels with voltage controlled level and panorama.
  • Voltage controlled sum out level.
  • Stereo level bar graph, 10 LEDs per channel.
  • Headphones out.
  • Mute buttons expander available http://l-1.su/Mute.html.
  • Audio signal flows only through VCA chips and summing amps (single opamp for left and for right), all controls through CV.


Power consumption: V+ 110mA, V- 93mA.

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