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barton bmc004 clock+ 4Xdivider

barton bmc004 clock/dividerthis is a variation on the bmc004 clock/divider moduleit includes the opt..

Priced from
$24.00 to $105.00 Ex Tax: $24.00

barton bmc029 single multiplier divider

This module is used to multiply or divide the frequency of a clock or VCO signal. It's maximum mult..

Priced from
$15.00 to $129.00 Ex Tax: $22.00

falafular spaeterneiza

falafular spaeterneizafrom falafular: "4hp clock divider with four divider stages (n/2, n/4, n/..

Priced from
$20.00 to $165.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

zlob clk dv

this module is in the process of being updated by zlob and should be available again late summer 201..

Priced from
$15.00 to $85.00 Ex Tax: $15.00


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