Moogah SEM VCF (Euro DIY)


moogah SEM VCF euro


UPDATED 4/13/2020: New PCBs sold after this date have the trace reroute fix and transistor silkscreen reversal issues FIXED. 

New PCBs can be distinguished from older ones by looking at the bank of four transistors near the power header. New PCBs have three silkscreens oriented one way, and one the opposite way. Old PCBs have all four silkscreens oriented the same way. 


this is the jeff farr (moogah) SEM VCF module in euro format, with the clarke68 panel 14hp

courtesy of barcode, we now offer a panel pcb daughterboard for easier assembly for jacks and pots; new versions of the kit include the daughterboard and revised BOM

the module is fully described in this muffwiggler forum thread: SEM VCF

it's produced for the DIY community with permission from tom oberheim

this kit includes all of the components necessary to complete the module including all parts individually labelled and bagged

note: the pcb requires two trace cuts and two jumper wires. instructions are clearly described in the build guide. 


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count161
SMT partsa few SMT parts (optional)
Module Parameters

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