Klee Sequencer, Eurorack

klee sequencer, full kit, euro (KITKLEE02EURO10) by synthcube.com

Klee Sequencer, Eurorack



This is the the euro version klee sequencer, based on NV's panel + panel component/main pcb daughterboard

Remember, part of the proceeds support the Electro-Music forum consistent with the original Klee project!

photo above shows the Klee with (optional) LED Slider Caps (translucent gray) installed


available configurations include:

- “nv partial kit – panel, daughterboard and panel parts:” includes the nv euro panel, panel daughterboard pcb set and partial kit- sliders, switches etc  -- does NOT include any PCB parts

- “synthCube PCB parts partial kit:” includes all the PCB parts for the analogue and digital PCBs, and those remaining panel parts NOT included in the NV partial kit


- “full kit- euro”: includes the entire nv partial kit AND the synthCube pcb partial parts kit- EVERYTHING you need to complete the module

We also offer, as an option, the LED slider caps- translucent gray caps to make your sliders more finger-friendly


the klee is one of the best documented and most popular euro DIY kits, and the panel daughterboard makes construction substantially easier than soldering all of those flying wires




enjoy this demo from dr oz hall



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synthcube pcb kit- parts (no panel, daughterboard)
Out of Stock - $170.00
slider cap set
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Available : 42
NV kit- panel, daughterboard, parts
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synthCube assembled, new - blue edition
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full kit- euro
Out of Stock - $559.00
synthCube assembled, new
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