Oakley Euro Dual VCO Issue 2 Version


Oakley Euro Dual VCO Issue 2 Version


Oakley Euro Dual VCO

Issue 2 PCB Version

Oakley Sound Systems amazing modular designs for Eurorack

aluminum panels produced exclusively by synthCube

The 14HP wide Oakley Dual VCO, or DVCO, is two traditional sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillators in one module sharing a single common 1V/octave input. The circuitry is similar to the dual oscillator used in the 5U Oakley ASV module.

Each oscillator features a sawtooth (falling ramp) and variable width pulse wave output. VCO2 also has an additional triangle wave output. Except for the triangle wave output, the outputs are +/-5V, that is, 10V peak to peak. The triangle output is +/-6V, that is, 12V peak to peak.

The pitch of the two oscillators is controlled with a master fine tune pot on the front panel, the single 1V/octave CV input, as well as a global FM input with an associating modulation depth control. VCO2 can be individually controlled by its own FM input and associating pot. There are separate three position octave switches for each VCO. VCO2 also features an individual tune control that covers just over one octave.

VCO2's frequency can be hard synchronised to VCO1 by a front panel switch.

Individual pulse width controls are available for each oscillator. The middle position on the pot gives a square wave from the respective pulse output. At each end of the pot's travel the pulse output will be silent. Pulse wave modulation is available for each VCO separately and each has its own depth control.

Current draw is approximately +/-57mA at +/-12V.

Documentation here: http://www.oakleysound.com/DVCO_Builders_Guide.pdf

Module Parameters
Panel Width14HP

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