romanf 266 sou kit, motm, 3U

Out Of Stock romanf 266 sou kit, motm, 3U (KITRF266UMOTM3U) by

romanf 266 sou kit, motm, 3U

This is a full kit to assemble the 5u version of romanf’s 266 source of uncertainty module

Kits are expected to be in stock around 30 october 2013

The kit uses romanf’s v2 of the 5u pcb, which includes:

-          Single pcb for all through-hole components

-          Panel pcb for mounting all jacks, pots and leds- no panel wiring!

In addition to the PCB set, the kit includes:

-          5U panel (MOTM or dotcom/MU format)

-          All pcb components

-          All panel components

-          Power cable and connectors (MOTM version)

-          Mounting screws

The MOTM panel is designed in classic style and professionally manufactured in the US using black textured powder coat and white silkscreen. The dotcom/MU panel is the inaugural panel design from caleb condit and professionally manufactured in the US using the metalphoto process; the panel includes the 90 degree side tabs for s­­trength. Panels are 3U wide.

The kit includes hard-to-source parts such as the Fairchild J201 NFET, and also uses the Electric Druid (Tom Wiltshire) noise chip. (website here:    )

Many of the enhancements developed by Dave Brown for use with 15V are adopted with the kit. Thanks Dave for the great documentation!              

Romanf’s 266 module development is described further in these muffwiggler threads:



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