ryo vc sequencer, full kit, euro, 10 hp

Out Of Stock ryo vc sequencer, full kit, euro, 10 hp (KITRYVCSQEURO10) by synthcube.com

ryo vc sequencer, full kit, euro, 10 hp

new from ljunggren audio (ryo) in sweden

the vc sequencer kit for euro format- SDIY

Compact 8-step sequential voltage source in 10hp with classic forward/backward operation using a clock, and any kind of pattern you like using control voltage levels scaled to each step of the sequencer, allowing the waveform you feed it with to determine the running pattern. Examples of this would be a ramp to make it go forward, saw to go backward, triangle for pendulum, S&H'd noise for random etc. You could also use another sequencer's pattern to control the pattern of the VC Sequencer, the possibilities for exploration are many.

All low latency CMOS and Opamp circuitry. No software or micro processors.
Final measurements: It can keep sync well above audio rates, with a low jitter 50% PW and 0-5V clock source it can keep sync up to ca 40kHz clock signal. Overall latency is ca 10us (0.01ms) until the step changes + up to ca 10us (0.01ms) to change the volt (bigger change = longer time). Other waveforms and amplitudes can be used at lower frequencies as long as the waveform at least crosses over slightly more than the whole schmitt window between 2.3-2.5V, all inputs can handle the full power supply range. CV adressing mode is significantly slower as it was in the prototype too.

In FWD/REV mode the CV/Clock input use a schmitt trigger that turns from low to high at ca 2.5V and from high to low at ca 2.3V (a window of 0.2V or 200mV), the same window applies to the Reset input. In CV mode the CV/Clock input use a set of 7 schmitt triggers with a window of ca 10-15 mV (0.01-0.015V). The first step don't need it's own schmitt trigger. Each step is separated by ca 0.625V +- the schmitt window.

Expanders will offer chaining of 2 VC Sequencers for 16 step operation and unlimited extra parallel channels of CV or gate/trig, for example our first expander that have individual gate or trig outs for each step in 4hp. The 16 step expander will add an extra latency and lower the maximum clock frequency in 16-step mode.

This kit contains 3 PCBs to be populated with components. It has about the same density between components as the Optodist. It might not be suitable for one of your very first builds as it is a little larger build, there are connections between PCB's and one resistor need to be modded onto the board.

Kits comes supplied with PCB, front panel (PCB material), component kit, knobs, power cable and mounting screws. Solder and tools are not supplied.

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