ryo xnor/xor/not, euro, 4hp

Out Of Stock ryo xnor/xor/not, euro, 4hp (ASMRYXNOREURO04) by synthcube.com

ryo xnor/xor/not, euro, 4hp

assembled and tested ryo xnor/xor/not

boolean logic module

euro, 4hp

from ryo:

The XNOR/XOR/NOT module can be patched as two NOT gates and one 2-input XOR gate,

one NOT gate, one 2-input XOR gate and one 2-input XNOR/XOR gate,

two 2-input XNOR/XOR gates

or one NOT gate and one 3-input XNOR/XOR gate.


Gate one and two has two inputs, the third has one. The XOR out from gate one is being normalled to input 1 on gate two. The XOR out from gate two is being normalled to the single input on gate three (NOT).

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