seismic industries vc route mkiii

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seismic industries vc route mkiii


seismic industries vc route mkiii

The VC ROUTE is basically a voltage controlled 4 Channel multiplexer module. 1 common jack and 4 source/destination jacks for signal routing.
The ROUTE SELECT Potentiometer allows to manually select the channels. The ROUTE CV let’s you CV-control the selection of the multiplexers channel. The four channels spread equal over a 0-10V Input voltage range.
The INHIBIT jack disconnects all channel switches. (if present voltage is greater 1V).

more here: vc route

Tunable Parameters:

  • ROUTE SELECT potentiometer to manually set the route


  • MUX 1x4 I/O’s accept voltages from -10V to 10V in both directions
  • ROUTE CV in to select the route (0-10V)
  • INHIBIT in to disconnect all routes. (if present voltage is greater 1V)


  • +12V 6mA / -12V 5mA
  • synthCube offers ‘factory’ (maker) assembled versions of many of the modules we carry.

    we also offer ‘assembly-on-demand’ (AOD) service. modules where we offer AOD, you can order a full kit, and also order the assembly-on-demand- labor item in your cart. We’ll assemble and test the module then ship it to you.

    AOD modules come with a full one-year repair/replace warranty. Lead times for assembly vary based on seasonality and demand, typically range from 3-7 working days and may take shorter or longer

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