Manhattan Analog Resonant Equalizer MKII

serge res eq, bundle, panel, pcb and CGS202 pcb (BNDKSRESQEURO01) by

Manhattan Analog Resonant Equalizer MKII


serge resonant equalizer in euro format

includes the clarke robinson euro panel and the manhattan analog panel daughterboard

it also includes ken stone's new CGS522 res eq PCB set

The bundle includes the clarke robinson aluminum eurorack panel, the manhattan analog panel PCB and the 2-PCB CGS522 set

IMPORTANT; The new CGS522 PCBs use a different alpha designator for panel connections than the predecessor CGS202 PCB; the builder will have to review documentation in order to be able to make the correct flying wire connections between the main pcb set and the panel PCB.

NOTE: This module is now deeper than the predecessor version due to the stacked CGS522 PCB set.  

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