shakmat modular sum dif

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shakmat modular sum dif


shakmat modular sum dif


modular grid

Flexible operations

SumDif is a dual adder/differentiator module capable of handling both CV and audio signals. If you send a 3V signal at the A input and a 1V signal at the B input, then the A+B will output 4V while A-B will output 2V. Numerous applications, like unity mixing, buffering and inverting, can be achieved; you can also experiment with Mid/Side audio processing ! The SumDif has a precision signal path and can process V/oct signals perfectly. The two jumpers on the back side allow to reduce the A+B and A-B outputs gain by 6dB.


• Dual 2 inputs adder/differentiator for CV or audio (For example if the first input is 3v and the second output is 1v, sum output provides 4v and dif output 2v)

• Each section can be used as as a 2:1 unity mixer, a 1:2 buffered multiple or a signal inverter.

• Mid Side processing application

• Optional -6dB gain for the first section

• 15 mA +12V / 15 mA -12v

• Skiff friendly (29mm deep)

• 2 HP Wide

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