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ALPS SPVF22 Switch for Tone-Lok

Discontinued by ALPS, this is the OEM part for the Tone-Lok series. The terminals are 5mm apart hori..

$3.25 Ex Tax: $3.25

Barefoot Buttons

One of those products that is so useful that you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself--a c..

Price : $8.95 Ex Tax: $8.95

Belton Rotary Encoders

For the 16- and 32-effect Belton multi-effect modules, SKU 5004. Available horizontal or vertical mo..

Price : $4.75 Ex Tax: $4.75

Caps for DC Plugs and Large Switch Levers

Generally used as caps for larger toggle switches, they are a good fit to cover up unused DC plugs o..

Price : $0.20 Ex Tax: $0.25

Cherry MX1A-11NN

Work-around replacement for the tactile switch in the TS-10 series. Fits the opening, needs a piece ..

$1.15 Ex Tax: $1.15


Comes with two standard nuts, plastic protective washer, and lockwasher. The double-thick nut (SKU 0..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.95

Colored Caps

For MS-550A, C and H, and 10TC260 ..

Price : $0.45 Ex Tax: $0.45

Colored Caps - Soft-Touch

Made for us, softer material than SKU 0224, also softer price. We can get other colors if these prov..

Price : $0.12 Ex Tax: $0.12

Colored Caps - Soft-Touch, Bag of 100

Made for us, softer material than SKU 0224, also softer price. We can get other colors if these prov..

Price : $10.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

DP3T (On-On-On)

Work-alike of Alcoswitch CST023NK, for the Sansamp. ..

$4.75 Ex Tax: $4.75

DPDT On-On, Short Lever, PC Mount

Taiway 1MD1T2B1COM2QE miniature toggle 100 series: Datasheet. DPDT,  On-On, short lever with PC-mou..

$2.70 Ex Tax: $2.70

DPDT (Center Off) Short Lever

Taiway 1MD3T2B1C0M1QE, similar to Mountain Switch 10TC280, DPDT Solder Terminal, Short Lever (On-Off..

$2.65 Ex Tax: $2.65

DPDT (On-On) Solder Term

Taiway 1MD1T1B1C0M1QE, Comparable to Mouser 10TC260. Now with non-tabbed flat washer! ..

$2.70 Ex Tax: $2.70

DPDT (On-On), Sub-Mini, PC Mount, Short Lever

Taiway 2MD1T2B100M2RE, size and pin format like Mountain Switch 10TC415..

$2.10 Ex Tax: $2.10

DPDT (On-On-On) 0223M

On-On-On sub-mini, OEM replacement in E-H Holy Grail..

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

DPDT (On-On-On) Sub-Mini

Sub-mini version of the On-On-On toggle used for switched capacitor apps. Replacement part for a num..

$2.10 Ex Tax: $2.10

DPDT (On-On-On) Sub-Mini Short Lever

Same On-On-On action as SKU 0223E for switched capacitor apps, but with short lever...

$2.10 Ex Tax: $2.10


Very rugged DPDT switch. Popular replacement for Wah pedals. This is the version with all terminals ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

DPDT Latching PCB Mount

Similar to E-Switch 1XJN002UEE, use for Bypass-On-Board with the Switch Actuator. ..

$0.45 Ex Tax: $0.45