The SSI2140 is a new-generation voltage controlled filter that provides four highly-configurable variable transconductance cells for a wide variety of pole and mode combinations, and adds significant new features. Based on an updated core by original SSM2040 designer Dave Rossum, the SSI2140 temperature compensates its transconductance cells for unprecendented stability. Temperature compensation is also optionally available for the exponential control. A temperature compensated VCA with linear control allows easy control of resonance and supports multiple Q compensation schemes, or otherwise can be used for traditional VCA/VCF roles. Virtually any type of filter response from one to four poles can be achieved including low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, all-pass, notch, Sallen & Key, biquad, Cauer, state-variable, and others. Most importantly, great care was taken to preserve the SSM2040’s sonics including an input stage that can be overdriven for classic analog synthesizer character.

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