SSI2144 - SSM2044 Drop-in Replacement PCB Adapter



SSM2044 drop-in replacement pcb adapter uses SSI2144 SMT IC

Sound Semiconductor has been offering the SSI2144 in SMT form factor. 

We are now offering this ‘adapter PCB’ allowing you to ‘drop in’ the adapter PCB with SSI2144 SMT IC to use in place of the SSM2044 DIP. 

The necessary routing to translate SSI2144 pin-outs to SSM2044 pin-out are included on the pcb, so the pin-out for the DIP-equivalent 16 pins match those of the SSM2044. 

We offer the adapter setup in four ways:

- PCB Only— supply and solder your own SSI2144 and 2 X  1-row 8-pin male-male headers

- DIY bundle— includes the adapter PCB, an SSI2144 and 2 X 1- row 8 pin male-male headers. You’ll need to solder the SSI2144 and headers. 

- Partially Assembled PCB- the SSI2144 is pre-soldered to the PCB for you. Does not include headers. 


You can also buy the SSI2144 and 8-pin headers from the Options menu. 


pcb design by j logan for synthCube

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Available Options

bundle 2 X 1-row 8-pin headers
In stock / $2.00
Available : 25
DIY bundle (pcb + ssi2144 + 2 X 8-pin hdrs)
In stock / $11.95
Available : 24
partially assembled pcb (ssi2144 soldered)
In stock / $24.99
Available : 173
pcb only
In stock / $3.00
Available : 24
ssi2144 smt IC only
In stock / $6.95
Available : 142

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