steiner microcon, limited edition epinasty hand-etched copper panel

steiner microcon, limited edition epinasty hand-etched copper panel

announcing: the throbulator! 

We are huge fans of nyle steiner's microcon voice module as well as epinasty's incredible hand-etched metalwork. 

We are making a limited run available--- 5 assembled units, 5 kits--- marrying together David Ingebretsen's re-issued pcb of the Steiner Microcon, with hand-etched brass panels from Luigi Lavalle--  in eurorack format 28hp wide 

Each panel is copper, hand-drilled and hand-etched--- one of a kind!. They are works of art. We recognize, as in all works of art, these may not be attractive to everyone - but in certain euro racks they will shine! 

The Microcon voice includes OSC, LFO, EG, VCF and VCA-- interacting together like no other voice we've ever seen. 

In this version, the v/oct and hf trimmers are brought to the front panel, while the res (q) and square duty controls are implemented via pots

Kit includes everything you need, including Bourns pots, MTA IDC connectors and sockets, vactrols, etc. Each part individually bagged and labelled. 

Kit Parameters
Build Difficultymoderate
Parts Count256
SMT partsnone

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