supersynthesis bmix, smt kit, euro

supersynthesis bmix, smt kit, euro (KITSUBMIXEURO01) by

supersynthesis bmix, smt kit, euro

build a fantastic euro mixer module- using SMT (surface mount technology) parts! 

easily built using hand solder techniques. 

"BMIX is a 4 Channel Bipolar Mixer for Eurorack modular synthesizers. The BMIX kit includes all the component necessary to build the complete module. The main components, which are only a few passives and a quad op amp, are surface mount. If you've never tried to solder surface mount components by hand, fear not! There a many resources all of the web to get you rolling, and you may find that it's as quick and easy and through hole soldering. 

Check out the techniques documented here:

And Dave's amazing EEVBlog has a fantastic tutorial:

Watch the videos, read the posts, and use plenty of flux! We use this:

and it's great (don't sniff it!)  

Tweezers are not included! These:

are cheap and work great. Contact us if you can't get a hold of a pair!

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