tempcos & thermistors


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ankaeohm tempco thermistor, 3300ppm, 1/6w

ankaeohm tempco thermistor, 3300ppm, 1/6wthese are the three values most widely used in modular a..

Price : $1.85 Ex Tax: $1.95

krl/bantry tempco resistor, 1K ohm, 3500PPM, bag of 5

KRL/Bantry Tempco Resistor, 3500PPM, 1Kohm, bag of five ..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

tempco resistor thermistor krl/bantry riedon 1Kohm 2Kohm 1.87Kohm

KRL/Bantry tempco resistors(now made by Riedon)C-2AQ 1% 3500PPM specavailable in 1Kohm 2Kohm 1...

Price : $4.99 Ex Tax: $2.99