Synthasystem Noise Generator

Synthasystem Noise Generator


synthasystem noise generator, euro

aluminum euro panel by clarke robinson, 6hp

PCBs courtesy of David Ingebretsen's faithful reproduction of Nyle Steiner's original schematic. 

full kit includes everything you need with all parts individually bagged and labelled

documentation here: synthasystem noise

This module produces random noise which has multiple uses is a modular system. This particular module can produce white or pink noise or a mix if you build it with a potentiometer instead of a switch to select white or pink.

From the Synthasystem manual:

This is a signal producing module which produces a randomly varying voltage which in theory is composed of all frequencies of the audio spectrum (range) and hence is called white noise because of its similarity to white light —being composed of all frequencies in the light spectrum. It has a sound similar to that of a waterfall.

If we filter out the higher frequencies we call this sound a pink noise.

Both white and pink noise signals are available by the use of the switch marked White-Pink. The output voltage level can be set from nothing to greater than 0 dBm by use of the knob marked Level.

An example of the use of white noise is to create a windstorm effect by feeding the white noise through a sweeping resonant filter. See Example #1. The noise generator has no inputs.

Example #1: Wind

White noise into the filter with the filter in the low pass mode with high resonance. Modulate the filter with KBD voltage and turn the KBD portamento all the way up. Or, you can produce the same effect without the KBD by manually turning the Filter Frequency knob up and down.


This module has one output:

  1. Signal out – This is a continuous output of white or pink noise.


This module has 2 knobs:

  1. Output – This attenuates the output.
  2. White/Pink – This pot will change the output continuously from white to pink. You can also build the module and use a switch here instead.


There is one switch if you don’t use the White/Pink pot. This will simply select white noise or pink noise.

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