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1/4" Enclosed Neutrik NMJ6HCD2

Neutrik stereo, PC mount jack with chrome ferrule. Designed so that the ferrule screws in from outsi..

$1.70 Ex Tax: $1.70

1/8" Mono PC Mount

Cliff USA clone from CHK Electronics; P/N JC-6250BB ..

$1.35 Ex Tax: $1.35

1032L "Super Looper"

High-quality clone of the 1032L for loopers, switch boxes, etc. Dimensions: L 10" x W ..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $13.95


Clone of the Hammond 1590A for "in-line" cutoffs, boosts, etc. 3.82" x 1.50"..

$4.25 Ex Tax: $4.25

110-P SPST

SPST latching. Fix the Tremolo or reverb footswitch on your amp! ..

$7.00 Ex Tax: $7.00


Same style as #110-P. Extra-rugged, momentary NO contacts. Use this if you want a hard action. ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

115 V AC Power Inlet, Chassis Mount, 2-Wire

If you use this on a metal chassis, use non-metallic mounting hardware. ..

$0.55 Ex Tax: $0.55

125-BB - Pre-Drilled for The Brutalist Jr. Kit

Pre-drilled for the Brustalist Jr PCB business card kit from Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studio and ..

$13.25 Ex Tax: $13.25

125-BB Enclosure

This is the taller BB size pedal enclosure that you always wished you could find. Made for us, ..

Priced from
$8.90 to $10.95 Ex Tax: $8.90

125-C Enclosure

Large and deep! Good for bypass boxes, delays, choruses. Outside dimensions 7.5" x 4.3" x ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

2" Deep Sockets

For the 1/4"-drive ratchet, when you want an extra-deep socket. Click for options. ..

Priced from
$1.25 to $1.60 Ex Tax: $1.25

2" Deep x 9/16" Socket

For the 1/4"-drive ratchet, when you want an extra-deep socket...

$7.95 Ex Tax: $7.95

2.1 mm Metal

The metal bushing is independent of the power contacts. Some applications will require insulating th..

$1.60 Ex Tax: $1.60

2.1mm All-Plastic, Round

This is the "BOSS-style." Similar to Mouser #163-4302, includes a metal nut. ..

$1.25 Ex Tax: $1.25

2.1mm All-Plastic, Round DC Jack

This is the "BOSS-style." Similar to Mouser #163-4302, includes a Plastic nut. ..

$1.20 Ex Tax: $1.20

2.1mm Colored Round DC Jack

Give your pedals more personality with these colored round plastic DC jacks for 2.1 mm plug. Similar..

Price : $0.95 Ex Tax: $0.95

2.1mm In-Line

Mouser/Kobiconn 163-0300-EX. 2.1mm center post, 1-amp capacity. Make your own daisy-chain cable..

$2.25 Ex Tax: $2.25

26mm Enclosed 3P2-4T

3-pole/selectable 2-, 3- or 4-position, PC Mount. Alpha SR2612F-0304-18K0B-D8-N ..

$3.10 Ex Tax: $3.10

26mm Enclosed 4P2-3T

4-pole/selectable 2- or 3-position for clones of the Roland Funny Cat and GEO Silly Feline. PC Mount..

$3.10 Ex Tax: $3.10

2mm BOSS Jack

For repairs of many BOSS pedals. The center contact has a 2mm diameter. ..

$1.00 Ex Tax: $1.00