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circuit abbey gozouta mixer, aluminum ca version

new from circuit abbey- the gozouta mixer!rev b pcbs slide pots with LEDs, LINE/SYNTH switch ..

Priced from
$21.00 to $109.00 Ex Tax: $21.00

diy yarns, grayscale version

diy yarns, euro 12hpcourtesy of the circuit designer, certain synth module designs are now availabl..

Priced from
$15.00 to $190.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

nlc1004 4seq, white nlc version

nlc1004  4seqnlc 4seq, full kit, euro 8hpfull kit includes everything you need. all parts indiv..

Priced from
$20.00 to $89.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

nlc1059 vactrol PiLL, white nlc version

nlc1059 vactrol PiLLfull kits include everything you need to build the modulevideo courtesy of matri..

Priced from
$20.00 to $65.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

toppobrillo 281dfg, barcode blue version

toppobrillo 281dfg, barcode panel+pcbs, eurocourtesy of barcode, this is a euro panel + panel pcb fo..

Priced from
$30.00 to $139.00 Ex Tax: $49.00