Thomas Henry MPS (Papernoise)

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Thomas Henry MPS (Papernoise)


Thomas Henry MPS (Papernoise)

The classic thomas henry megapercussive synth- now made easier for synth diy!

The bundle includes the main pcb from thomas henry and, the new panel daughterboard pcb from barcode, and a beautiful panel design from papernoise!

Euro panel 30hp; the panel pcb eliminates the need for flying wires to pots, jacks and switches

Knobs included are 1/2" black with coordinated color caps to match the panel rendering


The original mps thread is here on e-m: original 2007 mps post

Information on the new panel pcb and panel are here: mps euro panel thread

Module Parameters
Panel Size30HP

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panel+pcb set
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synthcube assembled, colored knobs
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panel pcb
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synthcube kit, colored knobs
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