Timo Rozendal 570 Galore

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Timo Rozendal 570 Galore

From Timo Rozendal:

"I bought a bunch of Thomas Henry books from Magic Smoke and I got really curious about the circuits in the 'Making music with the NE570 compander' book. I decided to make a compact module with as much as I could fit from the book. And then the 570 Galore was born: 5 separate dynamic functions that are normalled to the first input (only the first input has a gain control, if you need more than you need to change the levels with other modules). It features a Compressor, Expander, AGC (automatic gain control, some sort of compressor), Limiter and an Envelop Follower).

It is a tight build, only for the experienced builders and putting it together will be a little puzzle, but it is a fun and versatile module packed with sound shaping tools (and the envelope follower is also very good), especially for drums!

This is not a hi-fi project, but the functions it performs can be still be useful. Be aware that when you have noise in your system a module like this can highlight the noise floor.

There is not much to tweak so it is possible that for some materials it doesn’t sound good (changing levels already makes a big difference).

Acquiring the book is recommended for understanding, tweaking and debugging.

I have permission from Thomas Henry to sell this project.

There are 2 versions of the chip: 570 and 571. The 571 is said to be lower spec'ed, but I think for this project it doesn’t matter so much which one you choose (I built them with both the 570 and the 571 and didn’t hear a noticeable difference)."



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Panel Size6HP

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